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    Ing. Ota Ohlídal
    Krnsko 163, 294 31
    +420 733 536 470
    IČ: 07778279
    DIČ: CZ07778279

    O nas


    1992 – 1998: CVUT(Czech technical university in Prague), faculty of electrotechnics, engineering cybernetics

             2/1998: closing state examination


    3/1998 – 8/1998: Skoda Auto a.s., technical development of car electronics, Developer

                          Responsibility: development and launch of mobile phone and radio navigation system in Skoda Octavia car

                          Achieved objectives: launch of mobile phone and radio navigation system in production


    8/1998 – 8/1999: Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, Germany, electronics development, Specialist

                          Responsibility: engineering support by Fabia launch, assurance of communication between Skoda Auto and VW AG, coordination of first tests cars construction, assurance of actual SW and HW generations of control units (aggregate, comfort system, starter, generator, head lights, wiper…)

                          Achieved objectives: launch of first test cars in accordance with time schedule


    9/1999 – 8/2000: Skoda Auto a.s., quality department, management of quality (Job rotation), Specialist

    Responsibility: solving of problems from field – electronics systems – control units of comfort system, board nets, switches, radio, navigation system – (from final users of cars), coordination of investigation cause and start of corrective actions from suppliers, checking of corrective steps efficiency

    - cooperation with suppliers, close cooperation with development of Skoda Auto a.s. and VW AG, collaboration with department responsible for process audits (hand-over information about the quality level, evaluation of the worst suppliers / parts)

    - coordination of the new diagnostics systems implementation in quality department

    Achieved objectives: major improvement of cooperation with suppliers

     - decrease of failures in systems

                     9/1999: nominated to building-up program FNK – candidates for head position


    9/2000 – 12/2002: Skoda Auto a.s., advance car development, coordinator

                    Responsibility: searching for new systems to use in Skoda cars or in other concern marks and their implementation in a form of test samples for presentation to Skoda top managers, coordination of work among other members of the group, managing of 3 people

              form 9/2002: + Business plan – searching for costs reduction – Fabia project

                     Achieved objectives: - 4 systems brought to presentation phase for top management inc. cost estimate and time schedule for launch of serial production, elaboration of technical specification and hand-over to the development department

                                         - found out and realized the costs reduction for Fabia - 50 EURO/car



    1/2003 – 12/2004: Faurecia Mlada Boleslav, Quality Purchased Parts Manager

                                         Responsibility: - incoming inspection of purchased parts, statistic inspection of the goods, managing of 7 employees

                                         - creation and implementation of instructions for goods incoming inspection according to external and internal norms

                                         - document preparation for quality audit certification according to TS 16949 (passed in 8/2003), quality system implementation

                                         - initial sampling with suppliers

                                         - claim handling of non conforming material

                                         - check of correction steps efficiency of claimed parts

                                         - check of production process of suppliers (according to VDA / ISO)

                                         - implementation of system ISO 14001 in quality department

                       Achieved objectives: - implementation of system ISO TS 16949 in department Quality of purchased parts (internal instructions, training of staff, initial sampling…)

                       - implementation of system in store of non conforming material (labelling of rejected material, systematic claim procedure with the suppliers, precise observation of non conform material flow…)

                       - additional claim control of all non conforming material, which has been stored since year 2002 – significant financial benefit

                       - visible decrease of claims in each month (the money in non conforming parts as well) with help of systematic cooperation with suppliers (visits by suppliers, process audits, by suppliers with insufficient quality level implemented the special program for quality increase…)

                       - initial sampling with suppliers (according to PPAP and EMPB)


    1/2005 - 12/2007     Ingersoll Rand Equipment Manufacturing Czech Republic s.r.o. (Bobcat division), Supplier Quality Manager

                   Responsibility: - supplier assessment process (European suppliers for Bobcat worldwide, according to standards ISO 9001, ISO/TS16949, QS9000)

                       - continual improvement with suppliers

                       - measurement of supplier performance

                         - initial sampling of purchased parts (according PPAP standard)

                      - supplier development (continual improvement of the suppliers according to Bobcat standards)

                      - internal audits according to Sarbanes-Oxley

                      - internal audits according to ISO 9001:2000

                      - Six Sigma project – efficiency of the supplier non conformity process

                Achieved objectives: - implementation of supplier approving process

                        - creation of database of approved suppliers

                        - supplier evaluation process

                        - implementation of procedures for ISO 9001 certification in Sourcing dpt.

                        - degreasing of rejects of supplied parts


     Since 2/2008 - opened own company 2O Consulting


    Others experience and skills:

    - drive licence A,B,C,T

    - work on PC (MS Office, e-mail, internet, HTML program language)

    - German language (write and oral, active skills)

    - English language (write and oral, active skills)

    - Russian language (basic skills)

    - good communication skills

    - time flexibility

    - good decisive ability

    - experience with coordination within the team

    - presentation skills

    - knowledge of methods of quality (PDCA, SPC, Pareto analyse…)

    - ISO 9001, VDA, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001

    - trainings in managers skills (presentation, time management, stress management, cooperation in team, managers assertive behaviour, quality – customer orientation…)

    - Six Sigma - green belt degree

    - European personal certificate of Quality System Manager (No. CZ05QSM-956)

    - European personal certificate of external auditors (No. CZ07QA-360)

    - Certified auditor for ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

    - Requalification for IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015

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